Provincial Peer Network Phase 4 Grants

This grant fund is closed and we are not accepting new applications.

The goal of the Provincial Peer Network (PPN) is to strengthen collaboration and information sharing between drug user-led organizations through regional and provincial capacity building and the development of a network structure to ensure that the provincial overdose response is effective in saving lives and connecting people to harm reduction, treatment, and recovery.

Objectives of the Provincial Peer Network Phase 4 Grants

  • Support the work of drug user led organizations to engage their communities, undertake community-based responses to the toxic drug crisis, and enhance the provincial drug toxicity response.
  • Ensure equitable representation of people who use drugs across BC – including across all health authority regions; urban and rural areas; Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups; and groups supporting specific cultural groups.  
  • Support evaluation of the Network.
  • Work with partners to identify long term sustainment opportunities, garner and demonstrate support for peer groups, and support partnerships between groups and other community partners.

General Information

Who was eligible to apply?

Currently funded groups in good standing or non-funded groups invited directly by currently funded groups.

This empowers currently funded groups to build the network, and recognizes the original goal of the PPN initiative.

Applicants need to be a BC-based peer/drug user-led group with a decision-making body, doing work that is directly linked to reducing death and the overall harms/negative impacts of the illicit supply among people who use illicit substances (including opioids, stimulants, benzos).

Three Year Funding

Successful applicants will be offered a 3-year grant. The PPN Phase 4 Grants Steering Committee will review, adjudicate, and award grants based on 1-year proposals, but each grantee, provided they remain in good standing (details below), will be re-funded a second and third year, receiving a total of 3 years of confirmed funding.

How much money is available for PPN Phase 4 Grants?

There is a total of $2.2M available for grants per year, and 3 years of funding has been confirmed for PPN grantees ($6.6M in grants in total).

PPN Phase 4 Grantees:

Primary CAI Contact:
Anna Harcourt, Project Lead
[email protected]

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