Jermia Foncham – She/Her

Project Manager, OPEN

[email protected]

604-638-1172 Ext. 121

Jermia Foncham has a clinical background with a Bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science from the University of Buea, Cameroon. She also holds a Master’s degree in Bioengineering from the University of Osaka, Japan and a Master’s degree in Community health and Population Science from the University Saskatchewan.

Jermia has had experience working in different areas of research throughout her educational career which includes working as a research assistant in the following areas: typhoid, malaria, microbiology, cancer, and different areas of population health research. She also worked with the Public Health Agency of Canada as a student public health officer, particularly in updating the health status report of the Northern Intertribal Health Authority from 2016-2022 (including areas such as communicable disease, COVID-19, immunization and community wellbeing).

She has also worked as a support worker for the Light House Supported Living, Saskatchewan where she supported persons with mental health and substance use. She has also worked as a program coordinator with the Sickle Cell Foundation, Cameroon and the BC Centre for Excellence for HIV/AIDS Research as a Research Coordinator focusing on evaluating barriers. and health care experiences among persons with substance use and other risk groups living with HIV across BC.