OverDose Prevention & Response Essential Practices Learning Community

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The OD-PREP webinars series was designed to showcase promising practices related to overdose and drug poisoning prevention and response from across our province. But these groups are not the only ones doing great work, and so we wanted to create a network of compassionate and caring individuals, peer groups, and organizations to amplify our voices and push for real change to how our province and the public responds to overdoses. Which is why we have created the OD-PREP Learning Community! 

This online community, hosted on the community action social media platform mobilize.io, is intended to link together all the groups and individuals working on overdose and drug poisoning response and prevention across our province. It is meant to be a safe, inclusive and supportive place where we can learn from each other, share our accomplishments and resources, plan advocacy efforts, recruit employees or volunteers for projects, network, collect data for report writing, push for real and impactful policy change, and so much more at no cost to members. We hope the community will live on beyond the end of the webinar series and will inspire you to continue the life-saving work you are doing for your fellow British Columbians.  

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