OERC-CAI Stream Grants

Beginning in July 2018, In partnership with the Ministry of Mental Health and Addiction’s Overdose Emergency Response Centre (OERC), the Community Action Initiative is supporting communities to develop and implement action-oriented strategies that will help to address the overdose crisis on a local level.

These grants were available for initiatives aligned with the OERC’s Comprehensive Package of Interventions (see OERC Terms of Reference).

There are three streams of OERC/CAI Grants. Visit the individual sites below to learn more about each stream, and visit the CATalyst Page to view resources and profiles for the Community Action Teams.

For information about the Provincial Peer Network Grants, click here.

For information about the 2019-2020 Community Wellness Harm Reduction Grants, click here.

For grant information about the OERC-CAI Overdose Response Grants visit the Stream 1 or Stream 2 pages.

For summary information and resources for the Community Action Teams visit the CATalyst Page