The Poppy Revolution: Heroin Buyers’ Clubs and the End of the War on Drugs

“The Poppy Revolution: Heroin Buyers’ Clubs and the End of the War on Drugs” will be an interactive, high energy event featuring a diverse and captivating panel speaking to the causes, effects and the waning years of the war on drugs. With increasingly louder calls to provide safe, predictable narcotics to those at risk of overdose, we are confronted with the possibility of either state facilitated access to these needed drugs or a more community-based approach. An example of this is the Heroin Buyers Club, which could serve as a means for a more direct, and grass roots approach to drug use. Ultimately, which ever approach we take, there can be no doubt that the war on drugs is in peril. Join us either in person, or online, for this one of a kind event.

Hosted by Activist and Professor Marilou Gagnon, this evening will explore the dangers of Drug Prohibition, the on-going ‘Overdose Crisis’ and the possibilities for community power and change.

Unity drummers will be opening the event followed by what is sure to be educational and interesting discussion by the panel of speakers.

Doors at 6:30pm, event runs from 7:00-9:00pm

To get a ticket for the in-person event, please register via Eventbrite. There are a limited number of in-person seats for this event, so please let us know if you have registered for a ticket and are unable to attend.

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