2018 BC Adolescent Health Survey – Webinar

McCreary Centre Society released the 2018 BC Adolescent Health Survey. In 2018, over 38,000 young people aged 12–19 in 58 of BC’s 60 school districts completed the survey.

The survey provides essential information about health trends, and about risk and
protective factors that can influence young people’s healthy transitions to adulthood.
The 2018 survey included 140 questions asking youth about their perceptions of their
current physical and mental health, their engagement in health promoting and health risk
behaviours, and about factors that can contribute to a healthy transition to adulthood.

McCreary Centre Society is hosting webinars to learn more about the survey. Here is the webinar presentation schedule:

·  April 4th at 8am

·  April 5th 10am and 2pm

To learn more and to join a webinar, click here.

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