Sunshine Coast Community Services Society

A man in a mask holds a book that says "Poems from the Arrowhead Clubhouse", against a brick wall with posters on it.
Formed in:  1974
Communities served:  

The Arrowhead Clubhouse serves adults with mental illness living on the Sunshine Coast. The Navigator serves individuals with social determinants to health vulnerability living on the Sunshine Coast.

Funding Stream:

COVID-10 Surge Fund

What This Grantee Is Doing for Community Counselling

This funding supports the members of the Arrowhead Clubhouse Day Program by increasing the hours of the mental health worker, the Navigator and the clinical supervisor.

Arrowhead Clubhouse

The Arrowhead Clubhouse is a place where people living with mental illness on the Sunshine Coast can come to learn skills, get support and build relationships in a safe stigma free environment. Staff offer in person and virtual one-to-one support and advocacy. Lunch is served daily at 12 noon. The Clubhouse is divided into four units that offer an opportunity for members to use their skills or learn different ones in various areas: Kitchen, Clerical, Peer Support and Garden/Maintenance. Members can also participate in member-led activities such as creative writing, yoga or art. The Clubhouse is an inclusive community of hope where individuals find encouragement, opportunities, and, mostly importantly, a sense of ownership and belonging.

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This position supports SCCSS participants in navigating the system, referral, phone support to distress and isolated clients, assistance with filling out forms, and getting connected with online community resources that could support their mental health. This front-line position is an access point for new community members trying to access Sunshine Coast Community Services programs, navigate other community resources and participants in distressed. This includes providing immediate response information and referrals, assessment and solution focused problem solving, advocacy and assistance. The Navigator uses strength based appreciative inquiry to build trusting relationships that will reduce barriers to service for participants. This position is not an emergency service or case manager but includes crises management and mental health support.

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