Snuneymuxw Hulit Lelum

Formed in:  1995
Communities served:  

All First Nations adults living on and away from Snuneyumxw territory.

Funding Stream:

COVID-19 Surge Fund

What This Grantee Is Doing for Community Counselling

Snuneymuxw Hulit Lelum's counselling services support people looking for help with parenting, relationships, substance use challenges and other needs. CAI funding supports the role of a Mental Health and Wellness worker, who delivers 1:1 counselling and facilitates culturally appropriate groups and workshops for clients. Counselling is delivered in both individual and group settings, in-person and virtually via technology provided on a loaner basis to clients who need it. The program incorporates Indigenous cultural teachings within a collaborative health care setting that recognizes the cultural, physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of wellness.

Established in 1995, Snuneymuxw Hulit Lelum is an accredited Medical and Wellness Centre that helps restore wellness, culture, and connection within the Snuneymuxw community. The Snuneymuxw Health Department supports adults, elders, children, and families who live on and off reserve by providing preventative services and medical advocacy in an integrated care setting. Supports include:

- Children and youth health services
- Mental Health and Addictions support
- Primary Health Care
- Chronic Illness Prevention
- Communicable Disease Control
- Environmental Health/Management


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