Quesnel Women’s Resource Centre

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Formed in:  1979
Communities served:  

Adult individuals, families, and couples of all genders living in Quesnel and surrounding areas, who need support with mental health issues, stress, addictions, and other daily life challenges.

Funding Stream:

Community Counselling Fund

What This Grantee Is Doing for Community Counselling

The Quesnel Women’s Resource Centre is a feminist collective committed to promoting the rights of all women and providing women centered services in our community. The Quesnel Women’s Resource Centre provides information, resources, support, advocacy and counselling for the people of all genders to assist them with life choices. Their purpose is to work together to create a world that is free from violence, inequality, and oppression.

The Compass Counselling Program, funded through the CAI Community Counselling Fund, offers counselling to adult individuals, families, and couples who need support with mental health issues, stress, addictions, and other daily life challenges. The program provides one on one counselling, group counselling, outreach counselling, and community integration services. Counselling Services are offered in safe and supportive environments that respects each person’s rights to safety and human dignity regardless of gender, financial status, their race, cultural or ethnic background, their physical or mental ability or sexuality.

CAI funding supported QWRC to expand their services to include, at the request of their clients, people of all genders, including but not limited to cisgender women. Compass Counselling is specifically developed with the intention of reducing barriers to access counselling.


"We fit a wide variety of people into this project – individuals, families, couples. Our other programs don’t give us this flexibility. Our other programs are focused on women only. This program allows us to broaden our organization’s mandate to all genders and families. It also makes a difference in who we’re hiring and who will be a good fit for our organization. Since Compass Counselling has been operating, we have been able to make more contacts, build more relationships with other agencies. Other programs haven’t had this growth. We have had many more referrals with Compass Counselling. We have felt more motivated to advertise widely because the parameters aren’t rigid. We are able to welcome wide range of clients including men and families through this program. This project has been for 3 years and this gives us time to develop and grow the program, innovate new things as compared to short term/ 1-year projects."

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