Kinghaven Peardonville House Society

Formed in:  1971
Communities served:  

Low-income adults in Abbotsford and surrounding area who use substances.

Funding Stream:

Community Counselling Fund

What This Grantee Is Doing for Community Counselling

Kinghaven Peardonville House Society (KPHS) provides residential detox, stabilization and intensive treatment programs for problematic substance use. For the past 49 years, Kinghaven Peardonville House Society (KPHS) has provided supports for men and women with substance use disorders. The Kinghaven Treatment Center for men was established in 1971 and has since supported over 28,000 adult men. In 1987, the Peardonville House Treatment Centre for women was founded and has since served over 5,000 women.

CAI's Community Counselling Fund supports face-to-face Concurrent Disorders Counselling for residents of KPHS, as well as counselling and support to men with histories of sexual abuse and women with histories of trauma in group and one-to-one counselling sessions.


"We have observed better service provision and ficus on client with dual/concurrent disorder diagnoses. Prior to the grant, our counselling services were focused more on clients with less complex mental health challenges. This program has enabled our counselling team to pay more attention to clients with more difficult mental health,trauma and severe substance use disorders. We have definitely experienced a change in practice. Through this program, we are able to provide immediate service access for one to one service as needed for more complex clients in our Stabilization program - something we did not have before."


825 Peardonville Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 2L8
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