Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver-Fraser Branch

Formed in:  2015
Communities served:  

Adults in Metro Vancouver who have symptoms, tendencies or diagnosis of OCD, and their caregivers.

Funding Stream:

COVID-19 Surge Fund

What This Grantee Is Doing for Community Counselling

CMHA Vancouver-Fraser is the only organization in the Metro Vancouver offering support for adults with OCD symptoms, tendencies or diagnosis, and those supporting someone with OCD. With COVID-19 Surge Funding, they have scaled up their program of the past 20+ years to offer virtual supports to people across British Columbia who would not otherwise be able to access services. Their counsellors also able to offer counselling support for trauma, depression, anxiety, couples, family issues and seniors' mental health.


"Participants are telling us how our help has made a difference in their lives. We’ve helped a mom improve her mental health overall so that she is able to obtain custody back of her child. A young man on the autism spectrum, with severe OCD, is in the process of obtaining his PWD through our support. Many have shared they are learning so much about OCD and how thankful they are for the support."

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