Canadian Mental Health Association – Kelowna Branch

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Formed in:  1956
Communities served:  

Adults ages 25+.

Funding Stream:

COVID-19 Surge Fund

What This Grantee Is Doing for Community Counselling

CMHA Kelowna has been using the COVID-19 Surge fund to meet the mental health needs of their community by offering virtual counselling services free of charge when many other counselling supports are unavailable in a prompt manner.

Counsellors work from a Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) model to identify strengths, resources, and goals, building on them to help make the changes that are necessary to move towards the client's preferred self or preferred future. SFBT is a single-session model (each session is complete therapy) that may include some short-term follow-up support.


"Individuals that are frequently seeking to navigate a complicated system, often through CMHA Kelowna where they did not meet the criteria for health based resources or have the finances to seek private resources, there is now an option [for them]. This counseling service expands the scope of supports available and fills a gap in the options available for the many individuals that are connected with CMHA through wellness and peer programs, in addition to those that reach out directly due to challenges accessing other resources. Staff have had an opportunity to work with individuals across the lifespan, and this has allowed for professional growth and brings forward an expansion of case discussions that supports all populations."


504 Sutherland Avenue, Kelowna, BC V1Y 5X1
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