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Welcome to Community Action Initiative!

We are a provincially-funded, non-profit organization that provides grant funding and training opportunities designed to strengthen the role and capacity of community partners to improve mental health and address substance use for British Columbians.

CAI was created to support community-led projects that promote mental health, prevent substance use problems and promote effective treatment and support for individuals and families experiencing mental health and/or substance use challenges in BC. We a take a localized, collaborative approach by creating networks and encouraging dialogue within and across sectors. Our goal is to bring together diverse community-based organizations to work to establish innovative, community-generated models for delivering mental health and/or substance use services in BC.

Click a link to learn more about our ongoing funding portfolios:
Rural, Remote & Indigenous Overdose Grants
OERC-CAI Stream & CAT Grants
Community Counselling Grants

There are currently no open funding calls.
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