Mission & Values

Our Vision

Community-based agencies are essential partners in addressing mental health and substance use in BC.

Our Mission

To strengthen the role and capacity of the community sector to improve mental health and address substance use for British Columbians.

Our Values

1. COMMUNITY KNOWLEDGE: Working directly with community to leverage local knowledge and build a strong and sustainable Mental Health and Substance Use sector through applying an equity lens to issues and solutions that extend beyond grant-making.

2. COLLABORATION: Supporting partnerships and collaboration across sectors to reduce systems barriers and empower collective action.

3. INCLUSION: Promoting diverse and culturally safe organizations, service providers, volunteers, and engaging individuals and families with lived and living experience across the lifespan.

4. CONTINUOUS LEARNING: Pursuing strategies informed by evidence, historical context, traditional knowledge, and the voices of community.

5. ACCOUNTABILITY: Ensuring sound stewardship of resources and accountability for impact.