2022 MHSU Sector Survey

The 2022 British Columbia Community Mental Health and Substance Use Sector Survey

The link to the MHSU Sector Survey will be live October 12, 2022 - October 31, 2022.

We are pleased to announce that the 2022 BC Community Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) Sector Survey will be live from October 12th to October 31st, 2022.

This survey will help us and our partners to understand the current state of the community-based MHSU sector in BC to support work to shape an improved MHSU system of care in BC.

Community Action Initiative (CAI) has launched similar surveys in past years, capturing information that helped to shape policy and programs for the sector. Results from previous surveys can be found on our website. The goal of the 2022 survey is to identify progress, challenges, gaps, and opportunities in meeting the community-based MHSU service needs of people in BC.

Background and significance

The community MHSU sector is an essential part of the MHSU system of care in BC. Comprised of non-government organizations (NGOs) including non-profit, charitable, and Indigenous-led organizations, the community MHSU sector offers low-barrier, wrap-around services and supports outside hospital settings. Since 2010, CAI has operated as a bridge between BC government and the community MHSU sector through equitable grant making and capacity building initiatives that promote community MSHU services as essential pathways to better health outcomes for all people in BC. A key CAI initiative has been the BC Community MHSU Sector Survey, first administered in 2016. This survey has provided important insights on the nature and characteristics of NGOs that provide MHSU services in BC. As the community MHSU sector continues to evolve to meet unprecedented demands, the perspective of those leading and working in this sector is critical to determining key steps for progress. CAI and other sector partners are well positioned to amplify community voices and inform province-wide efforts to strengthen the MHSU system of care.


The survey will capture and report on the perspectives of the BC Community MHSU Sector s leadership on the progress, challenges, gaps, and opportunities in meeting the care needs of people in BC.


This survey is being led by CAI and in partnership advisory committee of key sector partners. The advisory committee contributes to decisions on the overall purpose, themes, question lines, target sample, recruitment strategy, selection and framing of results, system-level implications, and dissemination of survey findings. This sector survey is being administered online, with options for completion by phone or post mail to promote equity in the completion of survey. The survey will be completed by one leadership representative, such as an Executive Director or Senior Manager, from each NGO in the community MHSU sector of BC.

Expected Implications

We expect the community MHSU sector, partners, and policymakers will benefit from learnings on:

  1. Trends and forecasts, such as around workforce capacity and service mix.
  2. Important areas in need of attention through policy, programs, and funding support.
  3. Solutions for systemic issues as proposed by the sector.

Prize Draw

Survey participants who complete the entirety of the survey are eligible for a chance to win 1 of 30 Chapters/Indigo gift cards valued at $50 each.

Contact info

Email: [email protected]