What’s Caught our Attention – November 2019

Tracy and Amber M from OPEN ESC on Vancouver Co-Op Radio

On October 31st, Tracy and Amber M, two peer front-line workers and members of OPEN’s Evaluation Steering Committee, were interviewed for the Vancouver Co-Op Radio program “Two Hicks and a Lady”.

Amber and Tracy answered questions regarding their work in BC communities responding to the overdose crisis in BC. They speak to the essential, but often unrecognized, role peers play in addressing the overdose epidemic, and how prioritizing the voices and experiences of People with Lived and Living Experience (PWLLE) should be essential to any community and/or organization responding to the overdose epidemic.

You can listen to the whole show here.

50,000 naloxone kits used to reverse opioid overdoses in B.C.

CBC published an article featuring the Take Home Naloxone program, B.C. Centre for Disease Control, and their marking of a milestone in the use of overdose kits in the province.

Since 2012, more than 50,000 kits containing the life-saving medication naloxone have been used to reverse opioid overdoses.

In that time, 175,022 of the kits have been distributed for free from nearly 1,700 locations including pharmacies.

“People need access to a safer supply of substances so they don’t use the highly toxic street drugs that puts them at risk of an overdose”

The article can be read on the CBC website here.

Letter: Our son didn’t overdose. He was poisoned

A letter by Courtenay residents John and Jennifer Hedican was published in Burnaby Now on November 6th. John and Jennifer are parents who lost their son in 2017 to the drug poisoning epidemic.

any other source of toxicity killing over 4,000 in our province and 13,000 in our country would be named and addressed immediately. We have always believed and stated our son was poisoned – he did not overdose.

You can read their letter here.